Planning a Family Getaway: 4 Tips for Traveling with Aging Parents

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Planning a Family Getaway: 4 Tips for Traveling with Aging Parents

Traveling with aging parents may seem daunting, but it’s not when you plan well. So, you must never be afraid to travel with your senior loved ones to unique or new places now that they have retired. It’s one of the fun activities the seniors can do to stay active.

What should you keep in mind when traveling with seniors?

Everyone loves traveling to new places, including older adults. But before you set off for a family vacation with your aging parents, there are travel considerations to implement. You must plan well, carry their medications, and help them pack.

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  1. Plan for Frequent Breaks
  2. Bring Their Medications
  3. Help Them Pack Everything
  4. Be Mindful of Mobility

1) Plan for Frequent Breaks

Everyone should have the chance to stand up and stretch their legs, especially when traveling long distances. Seniors can feel pain in their hips and backs when seated for many hours. They should have some breaks and use the restroom when the need arises. So break up your travels when scheduling road trips with older adults.

2) Bring Their Medications

If your aging parent is taking medication for some medical condition, remember to carry all their medications to avoid inconvenience. Also, keep the medicines in their original packaging to avoid confusion about which pills they should take. You should keep their doctors’ contact information to help during a medical emergency and make sure they’re up to date on their immunizations to stay healthy.

3) Help Them Pack Everything

Older adults may sometimes have difficulty packing travel items appropriately. They might even forget to pack some essential stuff. So, help your senior loved ones pack their belongings. Create a packing list highlighting the items and outfits they will need at each time of the day during the trip.

4) Be Mindful of Mobility

If your senior loved one uses assistive devices like a walker or wheelchair to move around, you should be mindful of their mobility during the trip. For example, do they struggle to navigate narrow spaces and steep stairs? If you plan air travel, make arrangements on how to move the assistive devices when catching a connecting flight.

Enjoying Your Family Travels with Senior Parents

Now that you know what traveling with aging parents entails, you must prepare adequately before any trip with your family members. First, get your senior’s travel insurance to cover them against any risks. Also, take advantage of senior discounts coming with elderly travel. So, you can save more when traveling with your mom or dad.

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