Planning to Care for Elderly Loved Ones: Costs and Options

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Planning to Care for Elderly Loved Ones: Costs and Options

Elderly care planning is an essential service for any older adult. It is therefore advised that you approach caregiving when fully organized. In case of any change or following medical advice, you should have an action plan to build off or a list of available facilities. Therefore, create a care plan to meet the new or emerging needs of the aging parents.

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The most important things to know when planning to care for elderly loved ones are the costs involved and available senior care options to choose from. Once you know the costs and options, you can easily find assisted living facilities in your area and hire the best senior care manager.

Elderly Care Options to Choose From

There are many different types of eldercare options available. The most common type of senior care is hiring an outside caregiver to help with day-to-day tasks so the elderly loved one can continue living at home.

Other common types of senior care include assisted living facilities, memory or nursing homes, hospice, and full-time medical attention. The type of senior care your elderly loved one needs depends on their current condition and facilities available in your area. 

Finding Assisted Living in Your Area 

The cost of assisted living facilities varies by state and city. State and Federal governments provide financial assistance to lower the cost of senior housing, so be sure to research local government benefits in your area.

It is important to note that even with financial assistance, the monthly price for senior housing is still more than most people can afford on their own. There are options available to pay for assisted living costs that don’t require you to come up with the entire sum of money on your own. 

Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager 

Hiring a care manager can reduce or eliminate the need to pay for assisted living housing. A Geriatric care manager will visit your loved one daily and take care of everything they would typically do themselves – like preparing meals, cleaning the house, and running errands.

Depending on what services you use and how often, the cost of hiring a care manager may be lower than the monthly fee for an assisted living facility.The exception to this is if your loved one needs help getting dressed, taking showers, or using the bathroom. 

Providing Long Term Care for Seniors 

Now that you know the different elderly care planning options, you should select a choice that best suits your loved one. Most importantly, your choice needs to fall within your budget, whether hiring a geriatric care manager or moving them to assisted living facilities.

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