Creating a Disaster Preparedness Plan for the Elderly

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Creating a Disaster Preparedness Plan for the Elderly

Natural disasters can be disastrous to many seniors, especially when there’s no elderly disaster preparedness plan. Since emergencies can strike at any time without warning, creating an effective preparedness plan will help avoid the last-minute rush. How will you protect yourself when a disaster strikes? What will you do with a power outage?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults are more vulnerable than the younger population during natural disasters. So, if you are a senior or take care of seniors, please start planning for their needs as early as possible. You don’t have to wait for a hurricane or a tornado to strike.

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Types of Disasters to Be Aware Of

Many threats can put the seniors’ lives at risk, such as natural disasters. While natural disasters are beyond human control, preparing for such events can save more lives.

Here are the various types of disasters that seniors need to prepare for in advance.

  • Fire: If there is a fire outbreak, you must evacuate your home swiftly and activate the alarm. Please don’t forget to dial 911 for emergency services.
  • Tornados: Tuning to local television or radio stations can help you get continuous weather information, including updates on impending tornados.
  • Hurricanes: Hurricanes are the most disastrous natural calamities. They can cause flooding, resulting in property damages and loss of lives.

Other disasters include extreme temperatures, heavy floods, wildfires, sinkholes, and pandemics such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Making a Plan for Emergencies

When a disaster strikes suddenly, you may not have enough time to act. That is where an emergency plan comes in handy to help. Here is how to plan for emergencies.

  • Communicate your concerns to your friends and family members
  • Determine your abilities and limitations that can affect your response to disasters
  • Get an emergency contact number to call for help when the need arises
  • Establish the escape routes and meeting places for emergencies
  • Keep copies of vital documents like passports, certificates, and title deeds

Disaster Preparedness in Assisted Living

Since assisted living facilities are homes to seniors, they have emergency preparedness for older adults. At Unlimited Care Cottages, we provide conducive living conditions for older people during natural disasters. Our emergency plan takes care of every senior’s needs, including those with disabilities.

Keeping Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe When Disaster Strikes

Creating an elderly disaster preparedness plan can help you protect your senior loved ones when an emergency strikes. So, ensure that you get all the emergency supplies ready, including medication for seniors with chronic health conditions.

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