Protecting Your Loved Ones From Elder Abuse

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Protecting Your Loved Ones From Elder Abuse

Any form of elder abuse can negatively affect your senior loved one, whether physical, financial, sexual, neglect, or emotional abuse. For that reason, you need to protect your seniors from all forms of elder abuse. The good news is that there are many steps you can take to ensure that your loved one doesn’t become a victim of elder abuse.

One in ten older adults in the United States often gets abused either way. Unfortunately, only a few usually report the abuse cases to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). You can protect your loved ones from elder abuse by giving them safety devices, staying around them, and giving them helpful resources.

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Provide Safety Devices

As technology advances, many safety devices are surfacing on the market to reduce the risk factors for injuries in seniors. Most of these devices cover every aspect of the seniors’ daily activities. Safety gadgets to mitigate elder abuse include safety sensors, emergency telephone systems, smart clothing, and personal alert systems.

Use Helpful Resources

You can get someone to help your senior loved one run errands, carry groceries, give rides, and make phone calls. Such volunteers can also assist your loved ones in reading and writing letters. The good news is that many secular and faith-based organizations offer senior day programs, including feeding programs. You can also consider assisted living to guarantee their safety in a loving environment.

Stay Involved With Them

You must never allow your senior loved one to stay isolated. Instead, stay around and maintain a strong relationship with the seniors. Also, encourage your senior loved ones to maintain social contact with their friends. The good news is that many community-based organizations allow elders to interact and socialize with their fellows.

Keeping Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe 

When caring for your senior loved one, avoiding elder abuse should be your topmost priority. You need to protect them from sexual abuse, financial abuse, or physical abuse by implementing the tips in this guide. Report any suspected abuse to the relevant authorities before your seniors become victims of abuse.

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