Delirium Vs Dementia: What Are The Main Differences?

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Delirium Vs Dementia: What Are The Main Differences?

Many people can’t tell dementia and delirium differences because they manifest almost similarly. In most cases, people tend to assume that seniors who don’t think clearly or act strangely have dementia. It can be dementia or delirium since both conditions have the same symptoms. So how do you tell the difference between delirium vs. dementia?

Delirium and dementia seem similar due to common symptoms like distractions, disorganized thinking, and irritability. That’s why many people can easily confuse the two. While dementia is the progressive loss of attention, memory, personality, and orientation judgment, delirium is the sudden onset of these symptoms.

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Dementia in Older Adults

When your senior loved one has dementia, the associated symptoms will gradually start with time. Only healthcare professionals can perform a diagnosis of dementia, and they must first rule out delirium. However, people with dementia have a high risk of delirium. The good news is that there are treatments to help suppress the effects of dementia.

Cases of Delirium 

Symptoms of delirium include disorganized thinking, altered consciousness levels, and an acute confusional state. Medical problems that can cause delirium include infections, kidney failure, dehydration, liver failure, brain tumor, and drug sensitivity or interactions. Delirium is usually reversible, especially when the underlying conditions get treated.

What You Can Do To Help Loved Ones

Now that you know the risk factors of delirium and dementia, you need to do everything possible to protect your senior loved one from the risks. You can encourage your loved ones to:

  • Avoid psychoactive medications
  • Attend regular doctors’ visits as required
  • Use medication reminders and alarm systems
  • Spend most of their time in a calm and quiet environment
  • Adopt a healthy sleep-wake pattern
  • Consider assisted living cottages for your loved one

Delirium Vs Dementia: Knowing the Differences

Understanding dementia and delirium differences can help you find the proper treatment for a specific condition. While some causes of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, are incurable or irreversible, your senior can take medications to reduce its negative impacts. If they need long-term care, you can take them to a memory care facility.

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