Assisted Living & Memory Care Decorating Ideas

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Assisted Living & Memory Care Decorating Ideas

You probably think of moving your senior loved one into a decorated assisted living or memory care facility. But still, you don’t know some memory care decorating ideas that can make the seniors feel at home, especially those living with dementia. There are many ways to spruce up memory care rooms, and that’s what this guide covers.

When transitioning your senior loved one into memory care or an assisted living facility, it’s essential to implement memory care decorating ideas. Decorating the facilities makes a loved one feel secure and creates a sense of accomplishment. It makes them feel more relaxed and less frustrated, reducing stress and anxiety.

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Choose Sentimental Home Decor

Familiarity is key to your senior loved one’s comfort in a new environment. Add a few sentimental objects to the senior’s new space to reawaken memories and make them feel comfortable. Personalize the space with photos, souvenirs, and other valuable items they enjoyed using while still young. This creates a “home” in a new environment.

Apply Contrasting Colors 

Dementia patients find it easy to navigate spaces decorated with contrasting colors. Apply distinct and contrasting colors on furniture and floors. Pick solid colors for chairs and couches. You can also hang towels in different colors in bathrooms. Finally, ensure that the linens, rugs, and drapes contrast with the color of the floor or walls positioned against them.

Create Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting makes it easy for older adults to see well and perform tasks. Increase the natural light in a memory care room by opening curtains and removing unnecessary blinds. You can also trim high outdoor hedges that might block sunlight from entering the room. Try to reduce shadows if you are using artificial lighting.

Decorating Your Loved One’s Memory Care Room

These memory care decorating ideas are simple and easy to implement in a memory care community. With these tips for decorating an independent living facility, you don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your loved one’s room. At Unlimited Care Cottages, we’ve implemented decorating ideas to keep your loved ones comfortable.

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