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How Does Assisted Living Differ from Other Kinds of Care?

“Assisted living” is not synonymous with “nursing home”. While several criteria separate the two, an assisted living facility focuses on giving seniors as much independence and privacy as possible. A nursing home provides more involved medical care for those with greater needs. When searching for care providers for your loved ones, make sure you understand the differences.

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What Does Assisted Living Offer?

An assisted living facility allows your aging loved one to continue living as normally and independently as they can while providing any and all necessary care. Here’s what you can expect from assisted living:

  1. Privacy
  2. Independent living
  3. Customized attention
  4. Personal atmosphere

1) Privacy

The goal of assisted living is to provide a safe environment for residents to continue their lives as normal. For this reason, assisted living facilities tend to offer private home-like quarters for their residents, allowing your aging loved ones to preserve their dignity and have their own space. Care providers are available if needed, but will never intrude upon a resident uninvited.

2) Independent Living

As a direct result of the goal to provide privacy, assisted living facilities allow their residents to lead independent lives. Staff members will only intervene if a resident is in immediate danger of hurting themselves. Your loved ones will be able to continue their personal care routines and other habits as they have always done.

Pro Tip: Make sure to ask specific questions about the amount of independence residents enjoy. An assisted living facility should strike a balance between constant monitoring and total freedom.

3) Customized Attention

Some seniors require higher levels of care than others. Fortunately, most assisted living facilities are more than able to provide the necessary care services each resident needs. Staff are highly trained in a variety of care methods and know when to help and when to stand back. No matter what your family member may need, residential care has them covered.

4) Personal Atmosphere

Some aging family members may resist the idea of an assisted living facility, expecting a very hospital-like environment. Thankfully, this conception is generally wrong. Assisted living facilities work hard to maintain a very familiar, homelike feel so their residents feel comfortable and safe at all times. Seniors won’t feel like they live in a hospital.

Finding the Best Option for Your Family Member

Every individual will require different care as they age. Even with the variety of memory care and services offered, an assisted living facility might still give you or your loved one anxiety It’s important to examine all the criteria for senior care, read the reviews, and trust the staff before you determine what facility can help them the most.

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