Senior Veterans: When to Move to Assisted Living

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Senior Veterans: When to Move to Assisted Living

Aging is inevitable, but as we grow older, some people may face health challenges that require close monitoring. Such seniors will have to move to an assisted living facility. However, you may wonder when to move to assisted living facilities for senior care.

Most senior veterans often start small businesses to sustain themselves after retirement. If it reaches a point where a veteran can no longer run a business due to health challenges, they may have to move to an assisted living facility for care.

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Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

An independent living facility is suitable for older adults who can fully take good care of themselves. Seniors residing in these facilities often participate in exercise activities, planned social events, and other activities that engage seniors mentally and physically.

On the other hand, assisted living communities are ideal for seniors who need help with their daily tasks. The seniors may not be able to take care of themselves because of life or health issues but are not too sick to stay in a hospital or nursing home.

Signs It’s Time to Make the Move

Moving a senior loved one is one of the most challenging decisions. However, a time comes when a senior can no longer do their daily tasks, and moving can be the only option. You’ll know it’s time to move to assisted living when you see the signs below.

  • Worsening medical conditions and a rising number of falls
  • Difficulty in managing domestic finances and other money issues
  • Difficulty cleaning the house and taking good care of oneself

Creating a Safe Transition

When you see the signs mentioned above, you need to create a safe transition into an assisted living facility, although it can be tricky. The move can be emotional, depending on the reason for the transition. Is it a medical condition or the death of a spouse?

For instance, moving a senior with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or chronic diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s can feel overwhelming. Also, a senior individual who has lost a spouse can feel grieved, and moving them to assisted living can be emotional.

Assisted Living for Your Veteran Loved Ones

So far, you know when to move to assisted living facilities. If your veteran loved one starts to experience health issues and can no longer take good care of themselves, consider moving them to an assisted living facility that offers a high level of care.

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