5 Art Therapy Activities for Elderly Loved Ones

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5 Art Therapy Activities for Elderly Loved Ones

One of the best ways to keep your senior loved ones active and happy is by letting them practice art therapy activities for elderly individuals. Art therapy exercises help older adults deal with trauma and unhappiness. They also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

What are some good art therapy activities for older adults with dementia?

The benefits of art therapy activities for elders are many, mainly for seniors with dementia. These activities are a creative, fun way to deal with negative emotions and express your feelings. They can strengthen self-awareness and self-esteem.

Here are some art therapy activities for elderly individuals that can provide many mental health benefits! #unlimitedcarecottages #arttherapy #caregivers Share on X
  1. Memory Jar
  2. Moodboard
  3. Postcards and Letters
  4. Gratitude Tree
  5. Landscape Painting

1) Memory Jar

Creating a simple memory jar can help to restore a senior’s happiness. Let your loved ones cut a blank paper into smaller pieces and write something exciting or memorable on the note cards. Let them write their happy moments daily and keep them in the jar. Whenever they feel sad, they can always read the notes in the jar to restore happiness.

2) Moodboard

Cut out important images and words from old magazines and glue them on a board to create a collage. Your senior loved ones can hang these boards in their homes. It will help them decide, see, and visualize what’s important in their lives whenever they see the boards.

3) Postcards and Letters

Another creative art therapy activity is to help the senior individuals create postcards from their future selves. Let them create a drawing of how they desire to live in the future and write a few encouraging words at the back of the drawing book. That gives them hope for the future.

4) Gratitude Tree

A gratitude tree is one of the most exciting and engaging creative arts activities for seniors. Get sticks or branches from nature and cut leaves or paper pieces that you can hang on the tree. Let your senior loved one write what they are grateful for and stick the notes on the tree leaves.

5) Landscape Painting

Spending time in nature can be very relaxing, especially when combined with painting. Let your senior loved one draw or paint a beautiful landscape painting while watching the landscape live. The sound of the birds and wind will keep the seniors relaxed.

The Benefits of Art Therapy for Dementia 

Art therapy for seniors with dementia can help to stimulate the brain, stir dormant memories, and restore language in seniors struggling with speech. It creates a sense of purpose and accomplishment for older adults, allowing them to express themselves.

Getting Creative in Assisted Living

You know some of the most beneficial art therapy activities for elderly individuals. So, don’t let your senior loved one struggle with negative emotions, yet you know what can help them deal with the feelings. The art therapy activities are fun and engaging. Thankfully, most assisted living and memory care facilities offer art therapy activities for adults.

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