The Best Types of Dogs for Seniors in Assisted Living

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The Best Types of Dogs for Seniors in Assisted Living

Some types of dogs for seniors can be great companions for older adults feeling lonely or isolated. So seniors whose children have grown and moved out may find their homes too quiet and opt for a dog pet for companionship. Also, while seniors may participate in senior-friendly activities in assisted living facilities, a pet dog can bring them contentment.

Adopting dogs for seniors in assisted living offers numerous benefits. First, your senior loved one will enjoy great companionship, eliminating the feeling of loneliness and boredom. Besides, walking a dog at a local park or around the neighborhood is a low-impact exercise that can keep your senior physically fit.

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Emotional Support Animals

Dogs are emotional support animals (ETAs) that can help seniors suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mood disorder manage their conditions. The animals are also helpful for seniors experiencing grief or loss, so they are essential in improving their quality of life. That’s why ESAs are part of mental treatment plans.

Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

It is crucial to get your senior loved one a dog breed with traits that match their lifestyle. Here are the best dog breeds for seniors.

  • Shi-Tzu: They are small, social, and friendly to kids. However, long-haired Shi-Tzu requires regular grooming, which can help seniors preserve fine motor skills.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi: This dog breed is small, social, and active, making it suitable for active seniors. Besides, Corgi is energetic and loves to play a lot.
  • Poodle: Poodle is an intelligent and hypoallergic breed. It’s active and is good at exercise. Besides, it’s more easily trainable than other breeds.
  • Pug: This dog breed is less active than most breeds and enjoys lounging. Pugs don’t want regular walks, only cuddling with their owners on the couch.
  • Greyhound: The dogs are calm and content to lounge but are not hyperactive. While the dogs are good at racing, they are low-maintenance at home.
  • Miniature Schnauzer: This dog breed is friendly and comfortable with kids. You can also take them on a daily walk, although they need daily brushing.

Things to Determine Beforehand

Despite the numerous benefits of pet dogs to seniors, you should consider some factors before choosing a dog breed for your senior loved one. They include:

  • Caring Needs: Caring for a pet dog is an active task, and you should have essential tools like a scooper. Then, determine who’ll collect the dog’s waste.
  • Pet Policies: Every apartment has unique pet policies that tenants must fulfill. So, familiarize yourself with the pet policies to avoid penalties and fines.
  • Allergy Test: If you’ve never stayed with a dog, you won’t know if you are allergic to them. So, take an allergy test before owning a dog.
  • Dog’s Activeness: How active will the dog be, and does it suits your senior? For instance, larger breeds like Great Danes are unsuitable for frail seniors.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Assisted Living

Now that you know the best types of dogs for seniors, you can get a breed that suits your senior loved one’s interests. If you plan to take your senior loved one to assisted living, choose a pet-friendly assisted living, like Unlimited Care Cottages.

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