Seniors and Pets: What Are the Surprising Benefits?

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Seniors and Pets: What Are the Surprising Benefits?

An interaction between seniors and pets offers numerous health benefits to older adults. While most people don’t acknowledge the role of a pet in a senior’s health, CDC studies have shown that pets can improve cognitive function in seniors and create opportunities to socialize. Also, interacting with pets lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Health organizations have documented the advantages of pets for seniors. As a result, many senior living communities that understand the benefits of human-animal interactions allow dog or cat owners to come with pets to the facilities. This has helped pet owners combat loneliness and isolation, reducing stress.

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Pet Therapy in Assisted Living

Seniors in assisted living facilities can get paired with pets that help them with physical skills. These animals will help the older adults build confidence in doing some tasks, such as walking from one point to another, while enjoying their company. The facilities can allow certified pets to visit and interact with seniors if no pets are around.

Mental Health Improvements 

Older adults who interact more frequently with pets have reported improved mental health. In addition, studies reveal that more than 70 percent of pet owners claim that their pets give them a sense of purpose and reduce their stress levels. Pets can also improve mental health in older adults by preventing boredom and loneliness.

Better Routines and Activities

Interacting with pets helps seniors establish better routines that add purpose to their days. For example, the animals can help seniors engage in exercise activities that promote their health, such as taking evening walks and playing with their pets. In addition, the seniors can sometimes feed the pets by filling their bowls at specific times.

The Benefits of Pets for Your Senior Loved One

These seniors’ and pets’ health benefits are incredible, so you should allow your senior loved ones to interact more frequently with their favorite pets. The animals are not only great companions but can also improve seniors’ health through stress reduction, reducing the risk of heart disease. Some assisted living facilities to allow pets and provide pet therapy for their residents.

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