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Senior Safety Checklist for Assisted Living Facilities

The best of assisted living facilities have no issues completing a safety checklist for their beloved residents. Senior resident safety is the top priority of assisted living and memory care facilities, especially during uncertain times. It’s crucial to have a plan for emergencies or natural disasters in place and to create a safe environment for seniors at all times.

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What are the elderly safety protocols for assisted living facilities?

The following checklist can be used to ensure resident safety at assisted living facilities:

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Resident Admission Standards
  3. Fall Prevention

1) Emergency Preparedness

By law, assisted living facilities need to have an emergency plan prepared in writing. In the event of tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, or power failure, residents need to be kept safe. The following questions can be answered by your assisted living residence:

  • Do you notify family members when a natural disaster or other emergency strikes?
  • If the facility’s residents evacuate for some reason, where will they be taken?
  • How will the staff keep track of residents’ medicines and their individual health care plans?
  • Are disaster drills performed? If so, how often?

2) Resident Admission Standards

Safety begins with the admission process in assisted living. A trustworthy facility will ask the following questions to ensure the safety of residents at their care cottages:

  • Could the person harm themselves or others?
  • Does the person have a contagious disease?
  • Does the person require restraint either physically or chemically?

3) Fall Prevention

Falls happen often in the elderly community. When choosing assisted living, check for facilities that have good lighting, handrails in the halls and common areas, flooring that doesn’t hinder movement, and bathrooms with non-slip surfaces, call assistance devices, and support rails. Ask the following questions:

  • Are the floors kept tidy of all loose paper, magazines, mail, books, and bags?
  • Are loose-fitting shoes and slippers avoided? Is the appropriate footwear used?
  • Are the rooms kept well-lit at night and even during the day?

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Safety Checklist for Seniors in Assisted Living

Look over this assisted living safety checklist at your loved one’s home to ensure they’ll be kept safe in the event of an emergency. It’s important to know exactly what your assisted living community is doing to keep residents safe and prevent accidents at all times. 

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