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4 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Senior Family Members

Maintaining a close relationship with loved ones should be an essential part of your life. And when some of your loved ones are seniors living in assisted living communities, this only becomes more important. Most of us know this. But when elderly loved ones no longer live with you, how can you stay connected?

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Maintaining a Relationship

Technology has made communication far easier than in previous years. But it’s far from the only available method. To stay connected to loved ones, try one of these activities:

  1. Write letters
  2. Video chat
  3. Send gifts
  4. Visit when safe

1) Write Letters

Letters are still a very appropriate means of communication and staying connected, especially with seniors. Even with senior-friendly technology, learning how to use a new device can be confusing. Dropping a letter once in a while cuts out the technology problem and shows your loved ones you care.

2) Video Chat

Video chats are one of the most reliable platforms for social connection. If you can’t get time to visit your senior family members, you can use video chats to connect to them. Agree on regular times to call. This type of connection is about the best you can get without physically being there.

3) Send Gifts

Choosing and sending special gifts to your elderly family members can go a long way in brightening their moods. You can send gifts during special occasions or randomly drop gifts chosen by your children so they can have a share of their grandchildren’s love.

A gift is an easy way to tell someone you are thinking about them. Even without accompanying it with lots of words, the gift is enough to make them happy and remind them of you as well. 

4) Visit When Safe

The pandemic has made it more challenging to visit elderly family members in senior care homes. However, some assisted living communities (including Unlimited Care Cottages!) have begun to allow visitors with appropriate caution. See if you can safely visit your loved ones in their new home. Your presence is crucial to show your care and support towards them.

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

After you have signed up your loved ones into senior care services, staying connected is still absolutely essential. Show your family you still care about them and want them to be a part of your life. Don’t let the pandemic or any technology issues keep you apart.

Contact us if you need help taking care of your senior family members.