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Virtual Physician Tests in Assisted Living

In response to preparing for coronavirus, Unlimited Care Cottages assisted living community is proudly offering virtual physician tests for our residents. These virtual physician visits will provide seniors with the healthcare they need from the comfort of their rooms. 

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To help you and your older loved one decide if virtual office visits are an option to pursue, let’s look at the advantages of virtual physician tests in assisted living.


For older adults, especially those who don’t drive, being able to talk face-to-face with their physician from the comfort of their own living room is appealing. Technology has made virtual visits easy even for those who aren’t experienced computer users. Seniors who don’t drive will also appreciate not having to ask an adult for transportation.

Focused Providers

Patients who’ve taken advantage of these types of visits often say they feel their physician is more focused. When it is just the patient and the physician talking by video conference, there may be fewer distractions for the doctor. It allows them to focus on the patient and their concerns.

Less Wait Time

Physicians often run behind, which can be aggravating and stressful. When you are stuck in a waiting room, there’s not much you can do to fill the time. By contrast, when you are waiting in the comfort of your home, you can relax and watch television or work on your to-do list.

Pro Tip: Residents have access to see specialists they regularly wouldn’t be able to because of distance via virtual physician appointments. This can be especially helpful for residents in memory care who require specialized care.


Virtual care for seniors is a crucial part of being prepared for the recent outbreak of COVID-19. A virtual physician test will allow your loved ones in assisted living to remain safe and comfortable while they take care of their well-being.

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