Music Therapy as a Part of Memory Care

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Music Therapy as a Part of Memory Care

The Alzheimer’s society and people living with dementia patients use music therapy for memory care. Music is effective on the cognitive response because it triggers the associative memory. When you play an old song, the senior living with dementia can recognize it and reconnect with the real world.

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Music therapy works on patients suffering memory loss because the brain part that stores music is unaffected by the disease. It also gives emotional and behavioral support to memory care residents. The songs also restore identity and memories to the people living with dementia, reducing restlessness. 

Benefits of Music Therapy

Memory care staff in the memory care facilities for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease use music to help the patients connect with the real world. Some of the advantages music has are;

  • It brings a cheerful mood to the memory care residence
  • When the residents listen to the music, they can sing along and socialize
  • It’s an easier form of engagement
  • The dancing and clapping of the residents support physical therapy
  • The music improves memory
  • It is an exercise for the brain as the residents try to remember lyrics

How Music Helps Those with Dementia

According to research, the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s do not affect the part of the brain that stores music memories. Therefore, using music as part of daily living activities in nursing homes gives emotional and behavioral support.

American music therapy is also specialized care for an old family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia because it helps people with communicative difficulties. Meeting their desired needs helps to reduce frustration and depression.

Music interventions set good moods for the residents, and it helps them to focus their attention on the song, reducing restlessness. Include their favorite songs in the care plan because it supports their communicative structure when they sing along.  

Getting Started with Memory Care

You can start the care plan by creating a playlist that the memory care staff will use. It involves you in the senior’s mental health journey. Ensure you get the music played during their young adulthood.

The memory care staff will play music from your list that matches the senior’s mood. As a family member, you should also be present during your loved one’s therapy. Taking part in the singing and clapping along makes the senior happier. 

Helping Your Loved Ones with Music Therapy

Creating a playlist to help with your loved one’s music therapy is a great way to show them love. Music also helps them with their condition and reduces depression.

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