5 Simple Indoor Gardening Activities for Seniors

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5 Simple Indoor Gardening Activities for Seniors

As the weather becomes warmer, your elderly loved ones need to do indoor gardening activities for seniors. Senior gardening activities are fun and offer numerous health and therapeutic benefits. The good news is that most gardening activities are senior-friendly.

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What are some easy indoor gardening activities for seniors?

Gardening is an excellent exercise to boost seniors’ health and mood. Studies also reveal that planting flowers and greeneries around seniors can reduce their anxiety levels and blood pressure. Seniors can try out these gardening activities:

  1. DIY Terrariums
  2. Hanging Garden
  3. Succulent Garden
  4. Furniture Garden 
  5. Decorate Plant Pots

1) DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are super easy to make and upkeep, and making them is a perfect gardening activity for seniors. They can also improve a home’s décor when properly planted. While premade terrariums are available, you can try DIY terrariums.

2) Hanging Garden

A garden doesn’t have to grow only from the ground. You can create a hanging garden in your space to utilize the indoor wall space. It helps seniors save the floor space for other activities, primarily when residing in assisted living facilities.

3) Succulent Garden

Planting succulent plants indoors is another excellent gardening activity for older adults who desire to experience the fun of indoor gardening. Thankfully, succulents can thrive well in nearly every environment. They only need water and some sunlight to grow well.

4) Furniture Garden

With the help of a friend or family member, you can turn a table into an indoor garden by adding a few modifications. It could be an old coffee table that you no longer use in your home. This living furniture can improve your home’s interior décor when full of flowers.

5) Decorate Plant Pots

Plant pots are not new, and the chances are high that you have a few plant pots in your home. However, you can spruce them up by applying some acrylic paint or a terracotta pot. You can engage your family in the painting activity to boost your home’s beauty.

Fun Indoor Gardening with Your Elderly Loved Ones

Indoor gardening activities are an excellent way to help your elderly loved ones live a healthy, happy life. The activities can help reduce stress levels and boost the flexibility and mobility of seniors. Unlimited Care Cottages offer such opportunities to residents.

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