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Tips for Reducing Salt Intake for Seniors

Every year in March, an entire week gets dedicated towards campaigns on the importance of reducing sodium intake.  Studies show that even regular sodium intake presents a risk of hypertension. The condition presents as high blood pressure, which could cause kidney failure.  If you must take salt, the recommended amount is a teaspoon in multiple servings.

Reducing your sodium intake comes with many health benefits. Here’s how seniors can reduce their salt intake and prevent disease. #UnlimitedCareCottages #assistedliving Share on X

Even with healthy eating, you are still likely to consume a lot of salt. You can take steps to ensure that you maintain minimum amounts of sodium in your food intake. This step is besides simply not adding salt to food. These tips help keep your heart healthy and keep diseases away. 

Beware of Foods with Hidden Salt

Processed foods are likely to be high in sodium. Packaged foods like meats have extra sodium added during processing. The trick to knowing processed foods with high salt content is that they have a long fridge life. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a healthy alternative. Whether canned or in their natural state, they are low in sodium.

Shop Smart

When you go shopping for food, go for the ones with a ‘fresh frozen’ label. Beware of seasoning products like tomato sauce and soy sauce which have high sodium content. You can look for the measurements in milligrams (mg) on the container to understand the sodium content. If you must have seasoned, pick those with the lowest sodium content.

Research Before Dining Out

If you plan on eating out, you can recon online for what’s available at the restaurant you have in mind. Some restaurants have a list showing the sodium contents of foods that they serve. You can avoid high sodium foods by requesting saltless foods. You will have to gather your self-discipline not to reach out for the salt shaker in that case. You will have avoided the possibility of heart disease. 

Reducing Salt Intake in Seniors

Even with all the campaigns, it’s up to you to decide to start reducing salt intake or not. Keeping in mind the benefits of laying off high amounts of sodium should help. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of heart disease and other conditions related to sodium intake.

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