Conversations with Aging Parents: Is It Time for Assisted Living?

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Conversations with Aging Parents: Is It Time for Assisting Living?

Having assisted living conversations with aging parents can be challenging when the time to move to a senior living community comes. Older adults prefer to live in their homes where they have made memories with their friends and family. However, the time comes when you can’t take care of your aging loved one due to various reasons.

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How to Talk to Your Aging Family Member

When you realize that you can’t take care of your elderly parents, it’s time to address assisted living’s sensitive topic. Before you start the conversation about possible new living arrangements for your parents, figure out a way to foster clear communication. 

Let’s have a look at the approaches to take when addressing the issue of senior care living. 

  1. Start the Conversation
  2. Be Honest
  3. Involve Other Family Members
  4. Do Your Research
  5. Wait Patiently

1) Start the Conversation

You might want to start the conversation early for the sake of the mental health of all parties involved, particularly that of the aging family members. The best time to talk to them is when they are alert and relaxed. That way, you will give them a chance to explore why they should consider assisted living.

2) Be Honest

In case your parents are experiencing cognitive impairments, you have to come forward with solid reasons why they would be better taken care of in a senior care center. Tell your aging parents why you think that professional help would be suitable for them. If you can’t convince them, you might need help from the extended family deciding.

3) Involve Other Family Members

Involve your siblings in the conversation so that you can hear their views on your idea. Keeping them aware of your parents’ physical health can help them understand the situation better. The family members will also know what to expect when having a conversation with your parents.

4) Do Your Research

Before initiating the difficult conversation about relocating your parents find out the quality of life your aging parents would have in a home. In the process, learn the side effects of placing your aging parents in a nursing home. That way, you will have answers to some of the questions they will ask during the conversation.

5) Wait Patiently

When starting a conversation, practice patience and expect less from the first talk. Older adults may evade some crucial parts of the discussion, so ease them into it to show them that you’re on their side. If you are not patient, bring up the talk often until the point where you’re in the direction of showing acceptance.

Striving for Better Quality of Life

Conversations with aging parents may not go as you have planned. It will work in your favor if you approach the situation with an open mind. Although it may take time, you’ll have a solution in the end.

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