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Eat Healthy with These 5 Snacks for Seniors

As older adults age and commit to a positive lifestyle, they should eat healthy snacks for seniors. Besides exercising to manage stress, eating well can influence seniors’ health as they grow older. So, you should pay attention to both meals and snacks they eat.

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What are some nutritious snacks for older adults to enjoy? 

If you are a senior and wondering the kinds of healthy snacks to incorporate into your menu, worry no more. There are many fresh, healthy snacks ideas you can try out. But you have to consider your nutritional needs to find what suits you.

Here are some of the healthy snacks for seniors. 

  1. Red Bell Pepper and Guacamole
  2. Frozen Fruit Smoothie
  3. Cinnamon Grilled Peaches
  4. Hard-Boiled Egg with Whole Wheat Toast
  5. Hummus with Fresh Vegetables

1) Red Bell Pepper and Guacamole

If you need a rich vitamin C snack, consider red bell pepper and guacamole. It is rich in calories, and its preparation takes ten minutes. Peel avocados and mash them in a bowl to the desired texture. Next, add chopped onions and pepper flakes to the bowl and eat.

2) Frozen Fruit Smoothie

A frozen fruit smoothie is an icy blend of your favorite fruit juice and frozen fruits like cherries, blueberries, and raspberries. They are healthy, delicious, and a perfect way to eat fruits as snacks. You can also add Greek yogurt for a more nutritious snack.

3) Cinnamon Grilled Peaches

Cinnamon grilled peaches are among the most delicious snacks that you can prepare quickly. Thankfully, you can barbeque the peaches or top them with cinnamon sugar butter. But when grilled, the sugar in the peaches makes them sweeter and healthy.

4) Hard-Boiled Egg with Whole Wheat Toast

This snack is among the most nutritious on the list. Besides the healthy fats available in the avocado, the tons of proteins, vitamins (D and B), and minerals (iron, zinc, and copper) present in the eggs make the combination a perfect choice for seniors. In addition, whole wheat toasts are rich in carbs.

5) Hummus with Fresh Vegetables

Another healthy snack for seniors is the combination of hummus with fresh veggies. The hummus has many health benefits, including fighting inflammation and promoting your digestive health. However, eating too much hummus can cause stomach issues.

Eating Healthily as an Aging Adult 

When choosing healthy snacks for seniors, consider options that don’t increase blood sugar levels. Also, avoid unhealthy snacks high in sodium as they increase the risk of heart disease in elderly individuals. Instead, consider the snacks we’ve mentioned here.

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