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Nutrition for Seniors: Some Common Myths

With many myths about nutrition for seniors, many older adults might be unsure of what they should eat. Seniors need to maintain a nutritious diet to improve their health even as they age. Unfortunately, most older Americans struggle a lot to get the essential nutrients, and the senior nutrition myths have hastened that.

Older adults need several nutrients to stay stronger and healthy due to their limited mobility. Lack of these nutrients can result in malnourishment and social isolation. It can also reduce the seniors’ cognitive ability and physical ability. One thing that affects the seniors’ nutrition needs is the nutrition myths.

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Seniors Must Eat Three Meals a Day, Everyday.

You’ve probably heard a myth that seniors must only eat three meals a day. The truth is that older adults need to eat snacks and small amounts of meals throughout the day. It helps prevent undesired weight loss or gain since the seniors’ caloric requirement tends to vary or change, depending on their health condition.

Seniors Should Eat Lots of Fat.

Should seniors eat lots of fat? The straightforward answer is “No.” Although older adults need fats in their diet, consuming excess fats and oils can result in undesired weight gain, which could cause chronic conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. For that reason, seniors need to eat fat-free foods such as olive oil and fatty fish.

Seniors Only Need to Eat What They Feel Like.

You don’t need to believe this myth because the aging process can result in loss of appetite in seniors. They may have a low appetite and feel full even when hungry. The truth is that seniors must continue to eat even when they have no appetite. This will ensure that their bodies get enough nutrients to function correctly.

Getting the Right Nutrition as You Age

Now that you know the myths about nutrition for seniors, you know what to believe and what not to subscribe to. Choose foods that will improve your seniors’ quality of life, like healthy fruits and vegetables. Encourage your senior loved ones to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated all the time to avoid health problems. 

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