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6 Fall Activities for Seniors

Autumn’s arrival comes with many fun fall activities for seniors. As days become shorter and nights chillier, it’s surprisingly easy to find activities that can keep your senior loved ones active throughout the season.

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Make the Most of the Fall Season

Nothing feels more refreshing than the crisp air of fall after three months of summer heat. As you celebrate the new fall season, find activities that can make your loved ones happy. Here are some of the things that will put a smile on your senior family member’s face during fall:

  1. Arts & crafts
  2. Hiking
  3. Making autumn snacks
  4. Making Halloween goodie bags
  5. Autumn gardening
  6. Visit a pumpkin patch

1) Arts & Crafts

Teach the seniors how to make some fall-themed crafts, which you can use to decorate the house. Experiment with garlands, decorated pumpkins, and more exotic crafts like pomander balls. As the weather gets chilly, your elderly loved ones may also enjoy knitting hats, gloves, sweaters, and scarves. Bring the crisp autumn atmosphere indoors with their handmade crafts!

2) Hiking

The arrival of fall presents a perfect opportunity for hiking. If your senior loved one is in good enough physical condition for a walk (consult their doctor to be sure), find a nearby park or nature preserve for an afternoon hike. The beautiful autumn temperatures will help both of you enjoy the outdoors so much more.

3) Making Autumn Snacks

Preparing homemade treats is one of the fun activities that seniors enjoy doing. Head to the kitchen and prepare some easy-to-make treats together. You can try mouth-watering fall snacks like baked apple roses and pumpkin sugar cookies. And of course, don’t forget to take further advantage of October’s abundance of pumpkins with pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, and more!

4) Making Halloween Goodie Bags

If you or your loved ones plan to share some treats with children in the neighborhood during Halloween, try making cute pumpkin pouches to hold a few pieces of Halloween candy. If trick-or-treating isn’t an option (due to social distancing or simply the neighborhood), encourage your senior loved ones to give their goodie bags to fellow residents or caregivers in their community. Let everyone safely join the fall festivities.

5) Autumn Gardening

With beautiful weather and mild temperatures, fall is an excellent time to start a garden of perennial plants. Seniors who enjoy gardening will love planting flowers and other fall-friendly plants. Additionally, don’t forget to inspect the rest of the garden for any other plants in need of attention as cooler weather sets in.

6) Visit a Pumpkin Patch

With social distancing still in place, some pumpkin patches may not be open or may only be open to a certain number of people. However, if you can safely visit a pumpkin patch, definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Bring back a few pumpkins and paint them or turn them into succulent arrangements. You can also just roast the pumpkin to use as ingredients in your fall recipes. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoying Autumn with Senior Loved Ones

These fun fall activities for seniors can help keep your loved ones active and healthy. This autumn season, take advantage of the beautiful weather to spend time with your elderly family members and celebrate with them.

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