Best Care for Seniors: Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

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Best Care for Seniors: Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

As your loved one ages and you look into special care, you certainly want to make the best decision possible. Unfortunately, with nursing homes and assisted living facilities alike each calling themselves the best choice, you might feel overwhelmed. Filtering out the best choices can be difficult.

The first step in your research should be differentiating between a nursing home and an assisted living facility for your senior care options. Like any option, each offers advantages and disadvantages as compared to the other. As you prepare to make your decision, stay informed of the differences between the two care services.

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Level of Personalized Care and Attention

Nursing homes: In most cases, a nursing home is dedicated to helping seniors with specific, debilitating medical problems. For instance, a senior who has suffered multiple strokes and has very limited mobility might get excellent medical care at a nursing home. This facility is focused on providing round-the-clock attention and care to every resident.

Assisted living: While an assisted living facility is certainly prepared to help with any medical issues that may arise, and some specialize in treatments such as memory care, they mainly focus on promoting self-care. Most seniors in assisted living can still do basic daily routines such as dressing or feeding themselves. Staff are always available and can intervene whenever needed, but will generally wait for a resident’s permission. The level of care your loved ones will require depends on their mental and physical capabilities as they age. Talk with them and their doctor about the best care choices for their future.

Maintaining Privacy and Independence

Nursing homes: Generally, a nursing home provides a hospital-like environment, including shared bedrooms and facilities. Staff members are always helping residents. The sterile environment can provide good care for some seniors, but for mostly self-reliant residents, the lack of privacy can be frustrating.

Assisted living: Though exact accommodations vary, assisted living facilities tend to offer private bedrooms and an apartment-like environment. Most seniors in assisted living take pride in still caring for themselves, and the staff members believe in letting them maintain their privacy.

Building a Community 

Nursing home: A nursing home focuses more on immediately needed medical care than community activities, which can lead to a lack of interaction with others. This is often the main reason a senior family member may resist the idea of leaving home for better care. No one wants to lose their community and quality of life.

Assisted living: An assisted care facility emphasizes community and good mental health by providing group activities and promoting interaction. Many assisted living facilities offer shopping trips, movie nights, craft sessions, and more for their residents. This allows residents to stay active and happy in a safe environment.

Making the Best Decision for Your Senior Loved Ones

Which care facility is better for your loved one? Only you and your family can answer that. Weigh your options carefully and consider where your senior family member can thrive.

Wondering if an assisted living facility can provide the level of care your loved one requires? Connect with us to see the services we offer and how our residents live.