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How Memory Care Cottages Feel Like Home

Do you have a relative or loved one who is struggling to do simple, seemingly mundane tasks? It may be time to consider an assisted living facility that specializes in memory care services. Memory care, specialized therapy for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients, depends heavily on making the patients feel safe and comfortable. Memory care facilities accordingly go above and beyond, working to provide a home-like atmosphere for their residents.

Helping an elderly family member transition to an assisted living environment can be tough. Just know, if they’re struggling with dementia, it’s for the best. Learn why memory care cottages are the better choice for your loved one! Share on X

Some assisted living facilities offer memory care cottages, housing specifically designed to help patients with a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s critical for these cottages to feel like home to the patient. In a memory care center, your loved one will receive the attention and surroundings they’re accustomed to so that they can thrive.

Furnishings from Home

Recognizing that familiar belongings can help dementia patients feel at ease, many assisted living communities will allow residents to bring mementos from home. Depending on space, furniture from home, decorations, and other favorite things are allowed and encouraged at many memory care cottages. Brain games, crossword puzzles, and books are also encouraged so your loved one can stay active.

Smaller Living Space

Dementia can lead to confused wandering and potentially getting lost. With a small, cozy living space, residents are far less likely to lose track of where they are. Pair the small space with familiar decorations and the facility feels even more like home.  

Pro Tip: After your loved one makes the transition to assisted living, remember to visit! Spending frequent time with your older loved one will give them something to look forward to.

Relatively Independent Living

If a loved one argues against moving to a memory care cottage, their arguments often come from feeling a loss of independence. They may be thinking, they can take care of themselves, they don’t want anyone dictating their life for them, etc.

While seniors will give up some independence in assisted living, the care staff will do their best to let residents maintain their dignity through encouraging routine and self-care. Maybe your loved one always drank hot coffee in the morning. In a memory care community, they can continue making their own coffee to maintain both a feeling of self-reliance and independence. Staff will only intervene if necessary to prevent injury.

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Memory care is the best choice you can make for family members with a form of dementia. As your loved ones age, they will likely require care you can no longer provide. The trained staff at a memory care facility is more than equipped to help your loved ones live their best lives in a safe, comfortable environment.

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