Celebrating Holidays with Senior Loved Ones in Assisted Living

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Celebrating the Holidays with Senior Loved Ones in Assisted Living

The holiday season is here, and you’re probably thinking about celebrating the holidays with seniors in assisted living. You can still pull off a big surprise to restore smiles on your senior loved ones’ faces, even in an assisted living community. Besides, all assisted living communities offer many holiday activities and programs to keep them engaged.

Holidays in an assisted living community can still be fun and meaningful as long as you know how to handle senior loved ones. Older adults always feel loved and cared for when you find creative ways to revive their holiday spirit. After all, spending quality time with your senior loved ones is the most important thing to do.

Here is how to celebrate holidays with your senior loved ones.

Know What You Can Handle for Them

If your elderly loved one doesn’t have dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you can handle their transportation and physical needs, consider taking them home to celebrate the holidays. But before you do that, talk to your parent and their caregivers to find out how they feel about the decision. The bottom line is to ensure you meet all their needs during the celebrations.

Celebrating with Loved Ones in Memory Care

You can also celebrate with your loved one in a senior care facility, especially when they have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You don’t have to take them out of their memory care or senior living community. Instead, you can visit your loved ones, bring holiday decorations, go through old photos, and listen to or sing their favorite music.

Festive Activities for the Family

One of the best ways to celebrate with your elderly is by organizing fun holiday activities to keep them happy and entertained. Some of the activities include:

  • Arranging holiday decorations together in their rooms
  • Helping them buy gifts for family and friends
  • Organizing family visits and unboxing gifts together
  • Video chatting with family members living far away
  • Singing along with them or listening to their best holiday songs
  • Accompanying them to holiday events
  • Watching holiday-themed movies together

Visiting Seniors in Assisted Living for the Holidays

One of the best ways of celebrating the holidays with seniors in assisted living facilities is by visiting them. You can schedule visits with your loved one’s senior care facility. The good news is that most assisted living facilities allow friends and family members to visit their loved ones. You can schedule a tour with Unlimited Care Cottages in Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, or Willis!

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