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Assisted Living for Couples

Transitioning a loved one into assisted living already presents a set of challenges. But what about a married couple? To further complicate things, what if one spouse needs medical care only a facility can provide, but the other is largely independent? An increasing number of American families are finding themselves in this situation.

Fortunately, assisted living facilities recognize that couples often want to move in together. Most will gladly accommodate your loved ones. As you help to plan the transition and find a suitable community, remember these crucial points regarding assisted living for couples.

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Planning the Transition

To ease the eventual transition, you and your loved ones should begin making plans long before they actually need to move. Research assisted living facilities ahead of time and find ones that offer couples’ housing and the proper care both require. Have a payment plan in place and make a list of what to bring on move-in day. If a sudden health emergency takes you by surprise, you’ll be ready to begin the process immediately instead of scrambling to find a facility.

Consider What They Both Need

In quite a few cases, one spouse needs extensive medical care while the other is relatively independent. Can the assisted living facility you’ve chosen accommodate these two vastly different needs? Even more importantly, do they have the proper staff and equipment to help the spouse who needs it? Ask plenty of questions before you move your relatives into a new assisted living community.

Pro Tip: Tour the facility and talk to the staff before move-in day comes. Do you feel comfortable leaving your elderly loved ones in their care?

Why Should Elderly Couples Live Together?

Couples with a strong, healthy relationship likely see no reason to end or restrict that relationship when one of them needs to move to assisted living. Staying together will help both people stay happy and mentally healthy as they adjust to this new chapter in their lives. The best thing you can do at this stage is to help them find a safe, comfortable place to live. More and more assisted living communities are recognizing the importance of keeping couples together and will work to accommodate their needs and preferences.

Encouraging Assisted Living for Couples

Many couples dream of spending their golden years together. Why not help them make their dream become a reality? Find an assisted living facility equipped with options for couples to continue living together in a safe, social environment.

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