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Reasons We Are Best Suited to Care for Our Residents

Your senior loved one may be resistant to the idea of assisted living during this uncertain time. After caring for themselves for such a long time, they might not see the need for a higher level of care. Learn just how helpful assisted living can actually be for them during the need for infection prevention and control.

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Assisted living facilities are specifically designed to provide the level of care your elderly loved ones require without making them feel completely helpless. Here are a few ways your family member could benefit from assisted living in a time of need.

Expert Healthcare

As people age, health becomes a crucial point of focus. Fortunately, assisted living communities can help them continue their progress. Staff members are trained to provide any required health care, and many facilities offer regular doctor visits and nursing aid. Your loved ones can continue caring for their health in assisted living.

Precautions Against COVID-19

Unlimited Care Cottages is taking necessary precautions suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to manage the threat of coronavirus in the community. We are preventing the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing, which means no outside visitors are allowed until further notice. By restricting visitors, we can ensure the safety of residents and staff. 

Independent Lifestyle

Unlike nursing homes, assisted living focuses on making help available but allowing residents to maintain a sense of independence. Not only does this maintain your loved one’s dignity, but it also helps immensely with their self-esteem to know they can still care for themselves. The staff is always prepared to step in for residents’ care if your loved one truly needs their help.

Intellectual Stimulation

Maintaining an active mind will help your loved one stay independent and mentally sound as they age. Assisted living facilities recognize this and offer plenty of activities, such as crafts or games, to exercise residents’ minds. While group activities are temporarily on hold, your loved ones will receive all the help they need to keep their minds active while staying safe in a secure setting.

Pro Tip: Our facility also offers memory care, in-depth intellectual stimulation designed to help delay or offset the effects of dementia.

A High Quality of Life for Your Loved Ones

It can be difficult to admit that you’re unable to provide the care your aging loved one requires during this time of the pandemic. As you make the decision, don’t feel like you’re abandoning your family member in a facility. In assisted living, your elderly loved one will receive the care they need and deserve, and will be able to thrive in their new environment.

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