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Managing the Threat of Coronavirus in Assisted Living

The ongoing intimidation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an impact on nursing homes and assisted living communities across the U.S. Aside from emphasizing the need for caregivers and residents to wash their hands in this time of change, precautionary measures need to be taken. Assisted living, memory care, and all senior living community members must respond to this scenario with a detailed plan of action for the safety of all residents, family members, and dedicated employees. 

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With coronavirus posing as a threat to older adults, it’s crucial for assisted living facility teams to be proactive in preventing the spread of the virus. By applying social distancing practices, providing caregivers with the right protection, and keeping strong communication between health officials and assisted living teams, the panic of COVID-19 can be diminished. 

Social Distancing

Long term care facilities are preventing the spread of COVID-19 by emphasizing the importance of social distancing during this time. Whether a senior citizen is in a memory care unit or an independent living community, they must be educated on how important it is to stay home during this time. Social distancing is the first and most important step towards preventing the spread of the virus. 

Pro Tip: While outside visitors are currently not allowed until further notice as a precaution, it is for the safety of residents in assisted living and those caring for them.

Caregivers in Action

Responsible caregivers everywhere are closely following orders of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the coronavirus pandemic. The health and safety of assisted living caregivers and skilled nursing teams are being reinforced by personal protective equipment and the emphasis of hand hygiene. 

Community Education & Communication

It’s crucial for your assisted living team to be in communication with you during this high-stress time. Any adjustments being made in the assisted living program should be communicated with the families of loved ones being cared for. Caregivers, residents, and family members need to be educated on the symptoms of testing positive for COVID-19 and the significance of infection control and prevention.  

Keeping Seniors Safe Through Assisted Living

At Unlimited Care Cottages, our mission is to love, serve, and make a difference in the lives of others. We are committed to the health and safety of all residents and continue to do everything in our power to protect them from the threat of coronavirus. Remember to practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently to prevent spreading sickness to those around you.

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