Board Games for Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Board Games for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Your senior loved one can play board games for elderly individuals to stay physically and mentally active. Everyone enjoys playing board games because they entertain and can improve cognitive skills. That’s why many memory care facilities and assisted living communities offer board games to help residents improve memory and cognitive skills.

Besides providing entertainment, board games also have many health benefits. Playing the games can relieve stress and combat depression and memory loss. Studies show that board games reduce the risk of dementia by 15 percent. The good news is that there are many senior board games to keep a loved one active.

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Classic Board Games

Classic board games have been around for many years. The chances are that you played some of these games in your childhood. That’s because the games are familiar and easily accessible. They include cards, scrabble, and chess. You’ll only need a simple refresher course to remember the rules rather than learning a brand-new game.

Modern Board Games

There’s no doubt that classics are fun, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new. Many modern games with rules similar to the popular classic games are already emerging. Examples include Ticket to Ride, Suspend, Incan Gold, and Qwirkle. These board games come with tutorials to help you understand them better.

Memory Games

Memory games help older adults exercise their minds. Ensure that your senior loved one plays several memory games to achieve outstanding brain-boosting results. Some memory games to try out include Sudoku, Lumosity, and Word Puzzles. These brain games can significantly improve memory in aging adults.

Stimulate Your Brain with These Senior Board Games

All board games for elderly individuals are entertaining and beneficial, whether playing cards, dice games, or a word game. These senior board games will stimulate your brain when played regularly. You can play as many games as possible so long as it keeps you active. Most importantly, choose games that match your senior loved one’s interest.

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