Using Sifting and Sorting Bins for Memory Care

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Using Sifting and Sorting Bins for Memory Care

If your senior loved one is living with dementia, consider getting sifting and sorting bins for dementia. These bins help improve the older adults’ fine motor skills by providing cognitive stimulation. The good news is that you can easily keep them around.

Finding the best activities for people living with dementia can be challenging. Thankfully, sorting and sifting bins are among the most reliable interventions for memory care in seniors. The bins are ideal for cognitive work and motor practice.

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What Are Sifting & Sorting Bins? 

A sorting or sifting bin can be a bag, bag, or container with items that you can sift or sort through. The bins usually contain various items, including nuts, bolts, buttons, jewelry, and seashells. You can always swap the items in the sorting bins to eliminate boredom.

Add enough supplies in the bins for the best sifting and sorting experience. However, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. For instance, if you intend to use buttons, you can place them in a small glass jar rather than a big bag.

How Can They Help Seniors with Memory Retention?

Sorting and sifting bins can help seniors with memory problems by:

  • Developing their motor skills
  • Providing conversation and reminiscing opportunities
  • Improving cognitive skills and decision-making process
  • Decreasing anxiety by eliminating worries and troubling thoughts

Examples of Good Sifting and Sorting Bins

Now that you know what sifting and sorting bins are, you might wonder what items can you include in the bins. Here are among the things to consider.

  • Boxes of bolts and nuts
  • Jars of buttons
  • Bags of poker chips
  • Boxes of Jewelleries
  • Boxes of seashells
  • Drawers with silverware
  • Bags of keychains
  • Bins of colorful pompons

Dementia Care Through Sifting & Sorting 

Sifting and sorting bins are excellent tools for memory care in people living with dementia. You can place them in easily accessible spots to allow family members and caregivers to grab and enjoy together. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend much money on the bins. You can use the available resources around you to make the bins.

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