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Exclusive Openings in Assisted Living near the Woodlands, TX

Although you’d like to believe you know what tomorrow holds, the future is more often a mystery. As your loved ones begin to require extra assistance, a room in an assisted living cottage might be the next step. Currently, we have many rooms available in our assisted living cottages including our Willis, Oak Ridge, The Woodlands, and Spring locations.

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Our assisted living cottages are senior living homes that are privately owned and operated. They are built and managed for seniors who are unable to care for themselves but are still mobile and independent. Compared to nursing homes, our private assisted living cottages provide home care and allow seniors to live comfortably among other residents.

Benefits of Private Assisted Living

We offer our residents around-the-clock care while giving them the freedom to retire comfortably. Our trained healthcare professionals and volunteers assist residents with daily living needs like bathing, dressing, and eating. With their expert care, your loved ones will find comfort from residents who care about them and their long term health.

Pro Tip: Private rooms with attached bathrooms are a high commodity in our assisted living cottages. Schedule a visit to the location nearest you!

What to Expect

If you’re interested in moving into one of our senior living cottages, you can expect the following:

  • Small number of residents in each cottage to preserve the quality of care each resident receives.
  • Health care services offered on-site for different levels of care and as needed.
  • A live-in caregiver who supervises and is available at all times.
  • Daily services such as cleaning, laundry, beauty, barber, and transportation to doctor visits as necessary.
  • Activity programs provided on a daily and weekly basis that are designed with each resident’s abilities and interests in mind.

Senior Living in the Woodlands

Whether you’re accustomed to the area or not, our trusted staff of caregivers desire to create a living community that feels like home. Our cottages are nestled in the northeast Houston suburbs and many of our locations are a stone throw’s away from the Woodlands Waterway. If you’d rather forego the typic senior care facilities, a room in one of our cottages might just be your perfect retreat.

Interested in the openings for our assisted living in The Woodlands, TX? Connect with us to schedule a tour today!