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3 Reasons for Married Couples to Choose Assisted Living

In comparison to previous years, studies show that adults over the age of 65 are staying married longer. While medical care advances are helping spouses extend their relationships and long term health, the question still remains. What happens when one spouse can’t take care of themselves? Should married couples live in assisted living

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3 Reasons for Married Couples to Choose Assisted Living, Spring, TX

Best Retirement Option for Couples

As you or your loved one nears retirement age, memory care or daily assistance might be required. For the majority of older married couples, it’s common for each spouse to require different levels of care. Assisted living, especially in one of our assisted living cottages, is a perfect way to ensure that married couples are kept happy and healthy together.

  1. Shared Living Space
  2. Personalized Daily Care
  3. Increased Quality of Life

1) Shared Living Space

For many seniors, the thought of having to leave their spouse at a nursing home fills them with anxiety and sadness. One benefit of assisted living communities is the familial living space that is fostered, and for married couples, it can be enjoyed by both spouses. Instead of having to live apart, an assisted living cottage provides room and board to both residents so that they can enjoy daily activities together.

2) Personalized Daily Care

While all seniors residents are aging, there are different levels of care that might be required for each individual. Older married couples know first-hand the difficulty of those differences, especially if one spouse has more health issues than the other. At an assisting living cottage, each resident is given quality and personalized care.

Pro Tip: Skilled nursing and healthcare professionals are available around-the-clock to ensure that both spouses stay healthy. Senior transport care is also offered for outside medical appointments.

3) Increased Quality of Life

A married couple moving to an assisted living can expect to be greeted with warmth and excitement, especially with neighboring residents. In comparison to other senior living options, assisted living offers the best long term care for both spouses. From engaging activities to home-cooked meals, married couples will retire comfortably alongside their closest companion.

Housing Options in Northeast Houston

Preparing for the future can be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Instead of having to split couples apart, consider a senior housing that will accommodate both of them throughout retirement. Our assisted living facilities are open and have shared rooms available for your loved ones. From Willis to Spring, our team of skilled caregivers cares about the individual needs of every married couple in their cottage family.

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