The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

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The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing loss and dementia are some of the common health conditions that come with ageing. Many studies have linked hearing loss to high risks of dementia. Unfortunately, most people always wait for many years to address the hearing loss problem, resulting in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Addressing hearing loss can help to prevent that.

Hearing loss can cause brain changes that increase the risk of dementia. A study done at Johns Hopkins discovered that mild hearing loss could double dementia risk. Moderate hearing loss tripled the risk, while severe hearing loss increased the dementia risk five times. That’s why hearing loss should get treated quickly.

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Scientific Link Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline 

Many studies have discovered an association between hearing loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Meaning, older adults with hearing loss are at higher risks of developing cognitive issues than people without hearing loss. That’s evident in the study done by John Hopkins Medicine to test the hearing and cognitive abilities of 639 people.

What Causes the Decline?

Studies reveal that seniors with mild and moderate hearing loss spent much energy concentrating on hearing, reducing their ability to remember short word lists. For that reason, scientists believe that the strain to decode sounds may overwhelm the cognitive ability of people with hearing loss. So, it leaves them more vulnerable to dementia risks.

What We Can Do to Help

Hearing loss is one of the most critical health issues that we need to address when diagnosed. Thankfully, seniors can manage hearing loss using hearing aids. That helps to lower the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. So, if you suspect that your senior loved one has hearing loss, consider consulting a hearing specialist for help. Older adults struggling with hearing loss and dementia can find a great deal of assistance in their everyday lives with memory care specialists.

Understanding Hearing Loss and Dementia in the Elderly

Now that you understand the association between hearing loss and dementia, you don’t have to assume the signs of hearing problems. Untreated hearing loss can result in social isolation, cognitive impairments, and reduced quality of life. The good news is that Unlimited Care Cottages can take good care of seniors with hearing loss.

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