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5 Things Grandparents Can Teach Their Grandchildren

Most of us associate visiting grandparents with treats, crafts, games, or just special time spent together. All of these are excellent ways to connect with older loved ones. But let’s not forget something else Grandma and Grandpa may have to offer: special lessons we can’t find anywhere else.

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Spending Time with Loved Ones

The most incredible gift grandparents can give to their grandchildren is spending some time with them. Grandparents teach their grandchildren the importance of spending time with their family members and other vital life lessons. You can learn many things from senior loved ones, including:

  1. Valuable life lessons
  2. Family history
  3. World history
  4. Special skills
  5. How to listen
  6. Older traditions

1) Valuable Life Lessons

Grandparents have experienced quite a lot, and one can turn to them for life lessons or other advice. By interacting with grandparents, grandchildren will also learn essential virtues such as telling the truth and being kind. Through these lessons, children can begin to understand what it means to be empathetic and tolerant.

2) Family History

Young children love to hear about their parents’ childhood experiences, and they can best get it from their grandparents. Kids may also want to know more about their great-grandparents and the other generation before them. By asking about their family trees, the kids will learn about many family members they never knew existed.

3) World History

Learning historical events in schoolbooks can’t hold a candle to hearing about those same events from someone who witnessed them. Senior citizens have experienced a lot throughout their lifetime. Many grandparents who are alive today witnessed World War II and the Great Depression, and they can share the experience.

4) Special Skills

Skills such as gardening, farming, baking, and sewing are not often taught in schools but are still useful. Fortunately, most elders did all these tasks during their childhood and can pass the knowledge to their grandchildren. They can take a walk through the garden along with their grandchildren and show them how to prune and weed, or pull out a sewing kit and demonstrate a proper stitch. Not only will your grandkids learn valuable skills, but they’ll also form fond memories of learning from their grandparents.

5) How to Listen

Sometimes it’s not the explicit lessons that make an impact, but the implicit ones. Grandparents have fascinating stories about the past, which encourage children to keep quiet and listen. This is the perfect opportunity for the grandkids to practice active listening. This is a skill that will serve them well in school and far beyond as they mature. 

Finding Wisdom from Family Members

Wisdom is not found in books. It is transferred to other generations in part through grandparents teaching grandchildren life lessons. Children and adults alike have a lot to learn from senior family members.

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