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Chronic Care Management in Assisted Living

With millions of older adults battling at least one chronic health condition, chronic care management has become essential in assisted living facilities. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four adults suffers from two or more chronic health conditions. Some of the diseases include asthma, cancer, and diabetes.

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The good news is that many assisted living facilities, including Unlimited Care Cottages, now focus on chronic care management (CCM). This has improved the health and wellbeing of seniors living in the facilities. In this guide, we look at the basics of CCM and why it is essential in assisted living.

What is Chronic Care Management?

CCM refers to services that are delivered outside of regular office visits to patients who live with two or more chronic conditions. These services are expected to last for one year or until the patient’s death. Some of the services offered are email and phone consultation and accessibility of care providers. CCM services are meant to stabilize chronic conditions.

The Importance of Chronic Care Management

CCM helps patients that suffer from chronic diseases to get the care they need without straining financially. This has improved treatment, patient satisfaction, and care coordination.

With the CCM, residents in assisted living facilities will have more time for symptom management, health education, and provider support. The patients can also receive specialized healthcare services.

Chronic Care Management in Assisted Living

Many patients living in assisted living facilities need CCM services. To help the residents handle their chronic conditions, we’ve implemented the following.

  • We are organized: Since we are providers of CCM, we make sure to communicate with every patient monthly for at least 20 minutes. We’ve created a suitable environment for this.
  • We keep track of failures and successes: As a reliable assisted living facility, we communicate with physicians supporting your residents regularly.
  • We train our staff:  To achieve success in our assisted living facility, we train our team to ensure that they understand the best practices in CCM.

Helping Those in Assisted Living with Chronic Illness

CCM is an essential service in assisted living facilities with patients that suffer from chronic conditions. At Unlimited Care Cottages, we have a well-trained team of experts committed to helping patients manage their chronic conditions.

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