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The benefits of memory care

Memory care involves setting up routines, structure, and stimulating activities to keep dementia patients safe and happy. Assisted living facilities frequently offer memory care programs or other forms of dementia care for seniors. There are multiple advantages to placing a loved one with dementia into memory care.

If dementia or Alzheimer’s patients feel lost or confused, they will often wander in search of a familiar landmark. Of course, this can be very dangerous if they get separated from their caretakers. In a memory care facility, your loved ones will have plenty of room to walk around in a safe environment. Caretakers will make sure the patients know exactly where they are and prevent them from leaving the safety of the home.
How Effective Can Assisted Living Be for the Elderly? Unlimited Care Cottages, Houston
Socializing with friends and family members is especially crucial to maintain a high quality of life. Not only will memory care facilities happily accommodate family visits, but they also provide opportunities for your loved ones to spend time with others their own age. Friendly caretakers will provide activities and encourage social time to keep the patients happy and active.
Our personalized care cottages offer our residents memory care activities, pet therapy, music therapy, and more. We have group and individualized activities based on preference, interests, and ability…our goal is to provide meaningful activities. We are growing our programs constantly and increasing the quantity and quality of our volunteer programs.
3 Ways Seniors Can Care for Their Health, Unlimited Care Cottages, Houston
A lot of us tend to go through our days on autopilot. Our brains are so used to our habits that we don’t even have to be fully engaged to do them. Maintaining this kind of familiar, meaningful activity can help your loved ones manage their dementia and continue their lives relatively peacefully.

Memory Care by Unlimited Care Cottages

At Unlimited Care Cottages, it is our unique belief system which drives our passion and quality care for our residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The Cooper Cottage offers a small home setting where these residents feel safe and comfortable. We believe that with smaller cottages, we make a big difference.

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What families are saying about our memory care facility


Dear Buck and Terri, First let me apologize for taking so long to write this note. We will be forever grateful for the way you cared for Mom during her last ten months of life. Mom truly came to love all the caregivers at Unlimited Care Cottages and we both think of you wonderful people as family. We sing your praises every chance we get and we still stop by on a regular basis just to say high to Mercy, Grace, Shannon and Sonia.

Dennis, Family Member

Dear Buck and Terri,

Your loving support and care given to our mother the lastfew weeks of her life means a great deal to our family. Thank you for sending a beautiful ivy in my mom’s honor.

– Lorene Draughton’s family

I know for a fact that while Dad was living at Cooper House, he was the happiest he’s been in the 6 years he’s been living in Houston. He got to know everyone in the house, he bonded with Jodi & Bob, and the care-givers bonded real well with him. When I showed up on Wednesday, the whole house was kind of sullen. I went in and somehow got him to rally out of his condition. He was up, eating and drinking and even talking and giving hugs.

– Tom

Buck & Terri-
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful pink & white flowers and letter from “my mom.” Because I was at work when the bouquet was delivered, the florist gave them to my neighbor and left a note for me. When I went to pick them up that evening, I told my neighbor about my mom’s passing and gave her a brief summary of the previous couple of months, including her stay with you.

– Fondly, Cindy

Terri & Buck,

As we go through this life we meet people and go places that we know and understand as God’s work. I feel that our meeting was not chance at all. I wanted to say and express my Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation I have for the care you and your staff gave Mr. Robert Jenkins. I do not believe, for a second, he could have had any better care anywhere in the USA.

– Thanks and Best Regards, Mitch Romine


Many thanks! I have been telling neighbors what a wonderful experience we had working with your staff. In fact, the woman in Cottage 1 that sits nearest to the front door lived 2 streets over from me here.

Give them the dignity they deserve.

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