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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Couples

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us.  It is this Saturday (in case you haven’t noticed the pink and red displays in every store with cards, stuffed animals, and heart-shaped boxes, and the countless jewelry, candy, and cologne ads on television).

We normally think of Valentine’s Day as a day for couples, but this definition can be expanded to include all of those that we feel love for.  It can also be a difficult day sometimes for those who have lost their significant other, as it brings up memories of Valentine’s Days past, and those memories can bring feelings of loss and loneliness back to the surface.  And, unfortunately, after a certain age, most people fall into this category.  It is rare for both members of a couple to go at the same time; more often than not, one is left behind without the other.

Reach Out To Others

Therefore, Valentine’s Day is a terrific time for these people’s other loved ones, be they friends or family, to reach out and make it a point to let them know that they are not alone and that they are loved and thought of.  People who are currently half of a happy couple sometimes have a hard time recognizing or acknowledging what it would be like to be surrounded by reminders of loving relationships once those relationships are gone. It is important not to inadvertently hurt someone you care about by being insensitive to what they no longer have.

Assisted Living by Unlimited Care Cottages Offers the Following Advice:

  • Listen to their stories and memories.
  • Allow them to feel what they feel.
  • Recognize that this very happy day for you may be a painful one for them.
  • Provide some support, which can be something as simple as a card or a short visit.

Everyone wants to feel loved and cared for, especially on days like Valentine’s Day.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and help your loved ones have a happy one too!

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