When it comes to mental health, it is easy to misdiagnose yourself. People who suffer from forgetfulness or dementia may find it challenging to differentiate the two. Older adults particularly have a hard time remembering things from time to time.

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Normal forgetfulness shouldn’t cause any alarm, as it often comes with age. Dementia is a medically diagnosed condition. It is usually progressive, which means it can get worse. People with dementia in their advanced stages have to move to assisted living facilities.

Age-Related Forgetfulness 

Age-related memory issues come with mild symptoms. You should expect bouts of forgetfulness as you grow older. It happens that the brain forgets specific memories over time.

Absentmindedness accompanies it so that one ignores some things and focuses on others. Forgetfulness also comes with other mental issues that are a part of aging—for example, extreme stress and depression due to preoccupation with growing old.

Potential Signs of Dementia

Unlike age-related memory problems, dementia features severe symptoms. In that case, friends and family have to start thinking about the best care for the family member with the condition. One early sign of dementia is forgetting essential information. It goes beyond forgetting simple things like where one placed an object.

Dementia also comes with a personality change. A person tends to become more impulsive and paranoid. One type of dementia closely associated with age advancements is Alzheimer’s disease. The signs of Alzheimer’s are pretty different from those of normal aging forgetfulness. In the end, it affects your ability to participate in social activities.

When to Seek Memory Care

A family member who starts to experience difficulties remembering things, no matter how small, should consider seeking memory care. Take every warning sign of memory loss seriously. Besides old age, other causes like medications’ side effects can cause memory problems. Sometimes the issues are treatable or even manageable.

Dealing with Aging and Memory Loss

Some people may opt to use supplements like vitamin B12 to manage their condition. It is vital to approach such courses with caution, as some of them are still undergoing tests. As for older adults dealing with severe forgetfulness or dementia, some facilities can help them live with ether conditions. Unlimited Care Cottages is an excellent example of assisted living facilities.

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