5 Senior Fit Exercises to Stay Happy and Healthy

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5 Senior Fit Exercises to Stay Happy and Healthy

Helping loved ones stay active in senior fit exercises helps them be more independent. Exercising promotes the release of endorphins, a hormone linked to the sense of well-being. It also gives the elderly more energy to walk, cook, and eat and helps them counteract diseases like diabetes and depression. 

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What are some good fitness exercises for seniors?

Choosing the type of exercise for seniors can be tricky, so consult a physician to ensure the training is safe. You can start with less strenuous activities like chair yoga and resistance bands. They improve muscle strength. Other exercises like Pilates, walking, and dumbbell training are allowed for older adults

  1. Chair Yoga
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Pilates
  4. Walking
  5. Dumbbell Training

1) Chair Yoga

Seniors’ muscles are more delicate and become sensitive with little stress. However, seniors who do chair yoga exercises enjoy improved mental health and quality sleep with less pressure on the muscles.

2) Resistance Bands

Among the benefits of exercise, reducing the chances of blood pressure and heart diseases is vital, and resistance bands can help with that. In addition, the activity is cheap because you can easily access the materials.

3) Pilates

Pilates is an exercise that builds strength in an older adult. The activity involves mats and Pilate balls, and it also promotes balance and develops strength. A strong body helps in preventing falls which could lead to injuries. 

4) Walking

Walking is challenging for some seniors, although it is a less stressful physical activity. It reduces the dangers of suffering heart diseases and colon cancer and strengthens muscles. Thankfully, seniors can trail through the park or an open field. 

5) Dumbbell Training

The elderly can reduce the symptoms of depression and manage their weight through strength training. Dumbbell exercises are suitable forms of exercise for seniors. They help with higher metabolism and improve stability. 

Exercises Seniors Should Avoid

While it is suitable for seniors to keep exercising to improve their health, some exercises are too strenuous. They can cause posture problems and increase issues with balance. Avoid exposing your seniors to long-distance running, bench presses, and rock climbing if they are over 65 years old. 

Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Stay Fit with Exercise

Getting the best senior fit exercises for the elderly keeps them healthy, happy, and strong. The exercises should be gentle on their delicate bones and muscles to achieve the best results. The bottom line is selecting an activity that your senior family member enjoys. Home-like assisted living facilities, such as Unlimited Care Cottages, have community-partnered senior fitness instructors to offer exercise classes for seniors.

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