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How do you choose the right cottage?

We take our time in getting to know our families and the desires of their heart. What is important to their loved one and what is important to the family. We look at the care needed, their interests, level of cognitive abilities, and their spirit.

We also know the current guests and their needs and abilities.  Our goal is to always select a cottage where they will thrive vs. survive. Quality of life is important to us and we want our guests to maximize their potential for as long as they can.

It is especially delicate and sensitive when selecting potential suite mates…it is a little like e-harmony for grandma and grandpa.

One thing for sure is it takes all involved in the selection process… The family, you, our RN’s, and/or Buck and Terri.

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Unlimited Care Assisted Living Cottages believes when you are considering help and assistance for a loved one, you should understand every aspect of the available placement options and alternatives. With a limit of seven residents per cottage in our Spring and The Woodlands cottages, and ten in our Kingwood cottage, our homes provide the highest quality of individualized assisted living services. Here, caring comes naturally and each resident has the assistance that he or she needs in a private home. Unlimited Care has all the comforts of home because it is a home.