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What to Expect When Moving into Assisted Living

It’s never easy when you realize a loved one needs a more permanent caregiver. Moving into assisted living is a difficult step but it is the best choice for someone who needs a higher level of care.

In your search, you have likely come across a variety of assisted living facilities — which is the best option? And, how do you know what the experience will be like once your loved one is there? Consider these 6 expectations of a home-like cottage.

Moving Into Assisted Living: 6 Things You Can Look Forward To

When you choose a home-like assisted living cottage for your loved one, you can expect far better care in a loving environment. Things like medical assistance, 24/7 care, and activities catered to residents are just the start.

Is your loved one moving into assisted living? Here are 6 things to expect from a personal home care cottage versus a traditional assisted living facility. Share on X
  1. 24/7 Live-In Care
  2. Home Cooked Meals
  3. Catered Activities
  4. A Personal Space/Room
  5. Social Opportunities
  6. A Small Number of Residents Per Home

1) 24/7 Live-In Care

Rest assured that your loved one will always have immediate access to medical care. Live-in caregivers have a detailed medication schedule for each resident and provide regular check ins throughout the day and night. Bathing assistance, grooming, and dressing are all done with care and dignity. You and your elderly family member can be at ease knowing safety is a top priority.

2) Home Cooked Meals

At large commercial assisted living facilities, meals are usually cooked at mass production levels, which causes quality and taste to diminish. Fresh, wholesome ingredients and nutritious foods can be hard to find. In addition, your loved one likely has one or several food allergies or preferences that can’t always be fully met at a large facility.

But things are different at a personal care cottage. With an average of only seven residents per home, preparing and serving home-like meals to residents is an everyday occurrence. And, with a detailed record of each person’s diet restrictions and preferences, everyone gets delicious food that is also nutritious.

3) Personalized Activities

One activity does not fit everyone. With comfort in mind, a home-like cottage will strive to include daily and weekly activities that fit the abilities and likes of each resident. From gardening and walking to games and pet therapy, each senior has the opportunity to participate in what they enjoy. Take a glance at our activity gallery to get an idea for yourself!

Pro Tip: Need a custom approach to senior living activities? It can be done! If your loved one has a particular interest in something, tell their activities coordinator so it can be part of the resident’s normal routine.

4) A Personal Space

A major setback when moving into assisted living can be the room in which a resident is placed in. If his/her space is drab, boring, and uninteresting, your loved one can become sad or disappointed about the transition rather than optimistic.

Home-like assisted living facilities usually provide an option for residents to personalize their room for a more comfortable and homey feel. Bring your loved one’s bedding, set up family photos, and decorate with their favorite colors. Don’t forget to include accommodating items like flashlights and an easy-to-reach phone. Try to incorporate hobbies they enjoy whether that be reading books, watching movies or doing crafts.

5) Social Opportunities

A large assisted living facility can be daunting for elderly folks, especially those who are shy, quiet, and want to keep to themselves. However, they still want human interactions and to make friends. A personal care cottage gives seniors an easy way to make friends, form bonds, and get to know their fellow residents.

6) A Small Number of Residents Per Home  

All of the above points can be brought back to one common benefit — a small number of residents per home. With an average of only seven residents per home, your loved one will receive far better care, a personalized approach to assisted living services, and overall higher quality of life.  

Make the Switch to A Personal Care Cottage

Once you and your elderly loved one experiences a personal care cottage environment, you will never go back to traditional facilities ever again! What you can expect from these home-like cottages far outweigh what other places offer. Schedule a tour and see for yourself!

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