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3 Ways Seniors Can Care for Their Health

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is May 29, 2019. For your senior loved ones, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on wellness and form long-term habits for healthier living. Unlimited Care Cottages will be promoting senior wellness tips and activities for you and your loved ones this week.

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Quick and Simple Fitness

Everyone could and should pay more attention to their health. For seniors, this means making sure that a particular activity or meal plan is safe and healthy. Fortunately, assisted living staff are knowledgeable in senior health and wellness and can provide any required help. To encourage your senior loved ones to work on their health this May, start with these 3 ideas:

  1. Outdoor exercises
  2. Healthy Meals
  3. Revitalize Senior Fitness

1) Outdoor Exercises

Senior-appropriate physical activity and exercise can encourage blood circulation, good mental health, and more for assisted living residents. Doing these workouts outside is even better! Not only will your loved ones get all the benefits of a workout, but they’ll also soak up some sun and encourage vitamin D production. See what exercises your assisted living facility offers.

2) Healthy Meals

Of course, the most crucial step to a healthy lifestyle is nutritious meal plans. A good assisted living facility will offer home-cooked, healthy meals to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences. Unlimited Care Cottages even features a garden for fresh vegetables! Your loved one is sure to find something to love in these tasty, nutritious meals.

Pro Tip: In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, a 6-year study shows that eating mushrooms at least twice a week can help your senior loved one with memory retention!

3) Revitalize Senior Fitness

Revitalize Senior Fitness is a workout program for older adults, developed by Unlimited Care Cottages staff member Jonathan Sanchez. He offers senior-focused exercise routines while encouraging social interaction among assisted living residents. If your loved one is looking for a way to stay fit and make new friends, Revitalize Senior Fitness is a fantastic choice!

Encouraging Senior Health

A healthy diet and regular exercise routine are as important for an elderly loved one as they are for you. While your personal health habits may not be compatible with a senior’s medical needs or lifestyle, assisted living staff can help your loved one find the perfect balance between health and comfort.

Join the conversation for more ideas on encouraging seniors to stay healthy.