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The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Gardening for seniors is one of the most effective ways to keep older adults active and healthy, more so in the summer and spring. It’s purposeful, fun, and offers numerous benefits to seniors. To make the activity more interesting, you need to invest in edible gardening. Discover the benefits of gardening for seniors and how they can do it safely.

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It’s no doubt that many older adults enjoy gardening. However, some physical disabilities and medical conditions may limit the seniors from the activity. The good news is that you can create a pleasant, accessible, and safe gardening space. Modify the gardening tools and equipment to fulfill the seniors’ needs.

Here are some of the benefits of gardening for seniors.

Getting Some Exercise 

Gardening is one of the healthiest exercises for seniors. Studies reveal that older adults who take up gardening have high aerobic endurance, hand dexterity, and reduced waist measurement. Garden workouts can also help in burning calories and mitigate the risk of a heart attack in seniors. Here are the physical activities involved in gardening:

  • Preparing the soil for planting
  • Watering the plants every morning
  • Removing weeds that grow in the garden
  • Harvesting flowers, veggies, and fruits in the garden

Boosting Your Mood

If you’re looking for physical activity for an emotional boost in seniors, consider gardening workouts. Like biking, walking, or dining out, gardening can boost the mood of older adults, especially when working with others in a community garden. Seniors who work alone can also experience incredible happiness and contentment. 

Taking in the Fresh Air

By spending more time outdoors in the garden, seniors can enjoy the fresh air and have a spectacular view of the greenery. Sometimes older adults might find it challenging to go to the park to have some fresh air, making the garden an excellent alternative. When in the garden, older adults can protect their skin from UV rays by wearing sunscreen.

Enjoying the Benefits of Gardening as a Senior

There are many health benefits of gardening for seniors. The activity helps to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of dementia. If you have never gardened before, this is the best time gardening can be interesting. Even if you don’t have a yard, plant a few vegetables in containers and place them on raised beds.

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