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3 Memory Care Activities for the Senior in Your Life

If you’re caring for a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, finding activities that are stimulating and suitable for their mental state is a balancing act. Many adults lose their memory or cognitive function in older age, but every person responds differently. That being said, choosing the right memory care activities for seniors in your life can make a large impact, especially to improve memory retention.

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Activities to Improve Long Term Memory

When choosing activities for dementia patients, it’s important to know the interests and history of each person. According to Golden Carers, “The focus should be on the person and not the condition. Try to match people with activities that suit their background and experience.” Consider these 3 memory care activities to share with the older people surrounding you.

  1. Listen to Music
  2. Clean the House
  3. Start Cooking

1) Listen to Music

There’s something about music that transcends age. Both younger and older generations can resonate with different forms of music. To help your senior loved one, play popular music from their’ era to prompt memories or upbeat tunes to get them dancing. In the same way, plan group activities with music where members can participate with musical instruments or singing.

2) Clean the House

Household chores are a good thing to pursue any age, but especially for those struggling with memory. Simple jobs such as cleaning the house, watering the plants, or making the bed give Alzheimer’s or dementia patients an opportunity to be involved. By creating a routine for your loved ones that have daily tasks, they’ll be more able to remember the steps. 

Pro Tip: To prevent frustration or anxiety, keep activities for memory care residents simple and brief. If your loved one is struggling, take a break. You can always try the activity later or find something else. 

3) Start Cooking

Spending time in the kitchen is a great activity to enjoy with your loved ones! From cooking a meal to baking a cake, following the instructions of a recipe will give your resident a sense of accomplishment and triumph. Even small kitchen duties, such as decorating a cake or stirring the pot can motivate your family members to keep learning.

Unplanned but Meaningful Activities

There are a number of activities that your loved one might like to try. Ultimately, memory care programs should be focused on your loved one and their unique abilities. If they love organizing, create a space to organize. If they like being outside, go outside.

What matters is your loved one’s quality of life, and if an activity doesn’t make them feel good, it’s time to try something else.

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