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Elderly Medication Management: Advice for Caregivers

Do you care for an older adult? Do they regularly take prescription drugs? Unless they have an outside caretaker, it’s your responsibility to provide medication management for your elderly loved ones. Without the proper precautions, incorrect usage of prescription drugs could result in adverse side effects for your loved one.

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As a caregiver, your first priority is the safety of the patients under your direction. Whether it’s a spouse or a parent, one of the largest health concerns is medication drugs. According to a recent study, 87% of older adults take at least one daily medication; 36% take five or more medications. Hence, it’s vitally important to create a management system to help your loved one control their chronic conditions.

Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

As seniors reach retirement age, the need for health care increases. Most older adults have health insurance coverage after age 65, but their prescription plans might not cover their full medication list. Help your loved ones prepare for unexpected expenses by choosing the right supplemental drug plan for their health issues. Know how to prepare by understanding the hidden costs of senior prescriptions plans.

Monitor Prescription Drug Recalls

Did you know that prescription medications can be recalled by the FDA? To keep your loved one healthy, stay in the loop regarding your elderly person’s medication. If it could cause adverse drug reactions, the right precautions should be taken. The doctor or pharmacist should notify you, but if not, stay calm and help your family member navigate the recall notification.

Pro Tip: Contact your senior’s primary care physicians to stay informed about the adverse drug interactions of their medications.

Create Daily Reminders to Take Medication

As a caregiver, proper medication management includes daily reminders. Between memory loss and vision problems, taking the right drug dosage every day can become difficult for senior citizens. To keep their health conditions under control, be sure to set daily reminders and request special accommodations from the pharmacy. Neglecting to take medication will increase the risk of adverse effects; make a medication plan to support your patient’s health.

Proper Care for Your Residents

As loved ones get older, it can become difficult to continue taking care of them on a daily basis. Our assisted living cottages offer a nursing home alternative, keeping them safe and comfortable in the comfort of a home setting. Each cottage has a caregiver to monitor their medications and assist in daily living functions, giving you peace of mind.

Connect with one of our caregivers to practice proper medication management for older people in your life.