5 Tips for Visiting Senior Family Members in Assisted Living

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5 Tips for Visiting Senior Family Members in Assisted Living

If you have a senior loved one in a senior care facility, you should know the tips for visiting senior family members in assisted living. Of course, nothing will make your loved ones happier than seeing them along with the grandkids. But you must prepare well for such visits.

How should families prepare for visiting seniors in their assisted living homes?

You can’t just wake up one morning to visit your senior loved one in an assisted living without preparing. For example, suppose you’re visiting with kids. You should find activities that will entertain them and are compatible with the senior’s needs.

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  1. Review Visitation Rules
  2. Speak with Their Caregiver
  3. Prepare Younger Children
  4. Activities for the Family
  5. Enjoy the Weather

1) Review Visitation Rules

Every assisted living facility has rules that help to keep things orderly, especially during visiting days. So, review the visitation rules and regulations, including the Covid-19 precautions to keep the residents safe. Check visitation hours to avoid inconveniences.

2) Speak with Their Caregiver

Talk to your loved one’s caregiver to determine if there are mobility issues or other health concerns that you should know about beforehand. Your kids should also know about the issues. That will help you find the right activities that suit your loved one.

3) Prepare Younger Children

If you visit with your children, ensure they understand that some places are off-limits, such as private quarters. Also, remind them to be careful of other people in the assisted living facility. They should not walk past you or roam alone in the facility.

4) Activities for the Family

You can do many activities when you visit your senior loved one in an assisted living facility with your children.

Here are some activities to consider.

  • Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Visit local museums with the seniors
  • Create scrapbooks together with the seniors
  • Organize family vacations near the assisted living facility
  • Host a campout in the facility to enjoy a camping experience

Pro Tip: If your loved one has mobility issues, you can watch a movie or paint things together with your senior loved one. You can also do puzzles, read together, and color coloring books for older kids and seniors.

5) Enjoy the Weather

When the temperature is warming up after winter, it’s good to enjoy the warm weather with your senior loved ones. For that reason, schedule visits when the weather is calm and senior-friendly. However, you should first consult with the senior’s caregiver.

Family Get-Togethers at Assisted Living Cottages

Now that you know the tips for visiting senior family members in assisted living, you can organize get-togethers in assisted living cottages to make your senior loved happy. You can request assistance from the caregiver responsible for your loved one’s care.

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